Yuvamitra Youth Commission of the Diocese of Shimoga in collaboration with the vibrant youth community of Shimoga Diocese and people from St. Joseph's Church Sagar organised a meaningful Youth Pilgrimage on Foot while celebrating a Way of the Cross from Sagar to Balegaru Shilube on Sunday March 24, 2024. This was a significant event where the enthusiastic youth, more than four hundred in number, along with thousands of devout pilgrims from Sagar and neighbouring parishes took part in this pious devotional event.  They covered the 14 km distance on foot in the afternoon heat singing and celebrating the Way of the Cross and praying throughout the five hours spent together till they reached Balegar. Reflecting on the Passion of Christ the Youth along with the devotees proceed along the pilgrim path. The youth carried the cross and proceeded with devotion.  Fr. Pius D'Souza, Youth Director of the Diocese of Shimoga gave a meaningful reflection preparing the participants into a meditative and prayerful mood. Fr. Pius led the participants through the Stations of the Way of the Cross, steering the pilgrimage with reverence and devotion, thereby enriching the hearts of all who embarked on this sacred journey.  He impressed the people with the eloquent talk on the Passion and death of our Lord Jesus.

The congregation spent their precious time at the end of the procession at Balegar affectionately known as Balegaru Shilube further heightened by the anointing prayer, which served as a beacon of healing and consolation for the devoted pilgrims gathered. The gathering recognised this as the fitting preparation for the Holy Week that combined the devotion of Palm Sunday and devotion of Good Friday. The presence of Mgr Felix Noronha and other priests from Sagar enhanced the spirit of participation and devotion to the Way of the Cross. Mgr. Felix Noronha spoke on the mystery of the Cross and its importance at Balegaru and invited the people particularly the young people to enter deeply into the mystery of the Cross.

The gathering of both Christians and people of other faiths expressed the solemnity of the occasion, finding solace and spiritual elevation in venerating the Holy Cross of Christ. This unique odyssey of faith was undeniably imbued with grace, with the youth and elders manifesting their spiritual preparation of the Passion of Christ.  This entire event was a consolation for the devoted pilgrims gathered the Youth of Shimoga Diocese.

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