Vision:- A Society based on justice, peace and love

Mission:- Empowering the poor and the marginalized through the process of capacity building and rights based actions.

Goal:- Marginalized communities will have access and control over knowledge, resources and decision making for their integral and sustainable development.


  • Women have gained equal access and control over information, knowledge, resources and decision making in family and community affairs.
  • Formation and strengthening of Self Help Groups (SHG)
  • Formation and strengthening of grassroots and Diocese level Streebandhu federations.
  • Strengthening of Streebandhu Multipurpose Souharda Cooperative Ltd.
  • SHG and federation related capacity building training programs such as Concept of SHG and Federation, book keeping, accounts, time management, roles and responsibilities of leaders and members, saving and lending etc
  • Periodic capacity building training sessions on women’s rights, gender, health, laws protecting the rights of women etc
  • Capacity building training programs on entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurial development, establishing and running micro- enterprises, budgeting etc.
  • Various types of skill training to start self-employment
  • Encouraging savings and lending through the Streebandhu Souharda Cooperative
  • Leadership training
  • Communities, particularly youth and children, have improved their level of education and development in keeping with their potential and are able to use it for the social and economic development of the communities.
  • Identifying and enrolling the needy children under Integrated Child Development Program (ICDP) and supporting them for their formal education and integral development.
  • Supporting the economically poor but meritorious students to pursue higher education through Unnati – Scholarships for Higher Education.
  • Mainstreaming the school dropout youth through Karnataka Open School (KOS) and National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)
  • Encouraging the meritorious students to excel in various competitive exams through organizing various career advancement workshops.
  • Encouraging the meritorious students to take up civil services through various motivational programs and training sessions.
  • Workshops on child rights, POCSO and Juvenile Justice Act
  • Formation of Children’s Parliament and Children’s Clubs and motivating them to claim their rights.
  • Communities are utilizing available natural resources like land, water and forest etc. for their needs and well-being in an optimum yet sustainable manner.
  • Formation and strengthening of farmers’ groups and grass root level farmers’ federations.
  • Formation and strengthening of Farmers’ Producers Company (FPO).
  • Training on soil and water conservation.
  • Training on organic farming, preparation and use of Jeevamrutha, ‘Sri’ cultivation.
  • Awareness programs and training sessions on availing themselves of various government schemes open for the small and marginal farmers.
  • Training on farmers’ rights.
  • Training on various alternative sources of livelihood.
  • Training on Bank linkages, savings and lending.
  • Exposure programs to successful organic farms, interaction with progressive farmers etc.
  • Marginalized communities have greater participation in the process of governance, and effectively influence those in leadership positions to be more sensitive, capable, accountable and transparent.
  • Mass awareness programs and training sessions on Panchayath Raj Institutions, Right to Information, Right to Education, MGNREGA, Public Distribution System, Government schemes.
  • Encouraging the people to actively participate in the Grama Sabha and Jamabandhi (Social Audits).
  • Encouraging the people to volunteer to be the members of various local civic bodies like School Development Committee, Public Distribution Committee, Milk and other Cooperatives.
  • Encouraging the people to contest and win in the local self-governance elections.
  • Networking and linkages with Government and Non-Government Organizations.
  • Various social change agents and the stakeholders are capacitated to be able to reflect, make decisions and implement the learning for bringing about positive change in society.
  • Designing and conducting innovative and relevant training programs.
  • Offering various short term and long term certificate courses on social issues.
  • Conducting periodical and regular workshops and seminars.
  • Organizing capacity building programs for various change agents.
  • Documentation and publication of material related to social and economic development.
  • Communities use effective means to protect themselves from communicable and non-communicable diseases and live a holistic healthy and dignified life.
  • Mass awareness on communicable diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and the means to prevent them.
  • Mass awareness on non-communicable diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure etc. and the ways and means to prevent them.
  • Organizing Village Health Camps.
  • Workshops on ‘Stay healthy and lead a happy life’.
  • Establish Health Fund and schemes to support the needy.
  • Encourage people to take up various health and life insurance policies.


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