• The health centres of the Diocese and the personnel are aware of the national health policy and the policy of the CBCI.
  • Disseminate the information through seminars/ workshops.
  • Train lay volunteers /association members regarding the policies
  • Encourage people to avail themselves the government schemes and NGO programmes like health cards.
  • The addicted youth are freed from addictive substances including alcohol and are actively engaged in the welfare of the family.
  • Collect data of the addicts in respective parishes.
  • Direct the addicted youth to the de-addiction centre through counselling.
  • Promote alcoholic anonymous meetings and counselling sessions.
  • People are made aware of the causes of common diseases, and urged to take preventive measures.
  • Give health education on safe drinking water, sanitation measures and hygienic habits.
  • Conduct school health programmes.
  • Conduct eye camps, cardiac camps and blood check-up camps.
  • Spread awareness on government supply of generic medicine.
  • Disseminate information among students, parents, youth and women regarding communicable and non-communicable diseases and safety measures.
  • Excluded groups are conscientized to claim their rightful share in the government schemes.
  • Hold seminars to create awareness among the faithful.
  • Do statistical data analysis of differently-abled, People Living in HIV (PLHIV), sexual minorities and the senior citizens.
  • Create awareness to avail government facilities by themselves.
  • Form a committee to facilitate networking with Government agencies.

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