Jog Falls,14 July 19: Water is a source of life and indeed a natural gift from God. It originates in a particular place and flows in its own course to its destiny. Anything detrimental to its natural flow is against its nature. Gift has to be used and shared but not misused and mishandled. “Desire is the root cause of all sorrow” The Truth discerned by Buddha. “Need and greed are two different realities of human existence” said Mahatma Ghandi.








Sharavathi River is a water source at the helm of the Western Ghats of India. This river has satiated the quench of thousands of people in varied ways viz irrigation, drinking purpose more over for the important purpose of Hydroelectricity which is utilised by most of the people in the State of Karnataka. Now the selfish motives have eyed on this virgin source to the extent to desecrate its origin and nature. As against this motive people of all walks of life have joined together to abort and abrogate all evil desires and designs. This has been happening simultaneously and spontaneously in different places in entire strip of the Western Ghats all along the flow of River Sharavathi. One of the vehement agitations against the move of the Government is occurred at Jog where the reservoir of the very waters of the river is existing.

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