1. Every parish in the Diocese of Shimoga has a unit of ICYM or such other movements and at least 50% of the parish youth are members who regularly attend the meetings.

  • Visit the parish units by the end of 2018.
  • Conduct registration process in the beginning of every academic year
  • Pay regular visits and conduct meaningful sessions and programmes by preparing an action plan every year as a regular feature.
  • Organize Deanery Youth Convention every year and Diocesan Youth Convention (ICYM and YCS/YSM separately) once in two years.

2. Addicted youth wherever found in the Diocese are helped to get back to normal life.

  • Conduct a general survey of the addicted youth.
  • Conduct counseling, spiritual exercises, group dynamics and arrange for rehabilitation
  • Conduct every year seminars and training programmes for all the youth at the Parish, Deanery and Diocese level to conscientize them on the dangers of addictions.
  • Arrange awareness programmes for youth animators on accompanying and empowering the youth who are addicted or vulnerable to addiction, at the beginning of every academic year.

3. At least 50% of the Parish Youth participate regularly in all spiritual activities organized by Parishes and youth movements.

  • Facilitate meetings of youth animators and youth leaders at least twice a year.
  • Organize training programmes for youth animators every year at all levels.
  • Upload reports regularly on Yuvamithra & Diocesan website, mobile app and other means of communication.
  • Share available resources for creative liturgy with the youth directors and animators for different types of para-liturgical activities such as Taize Prayer by the Diocesan team.
  • Organize youth friendly spiritual exercises, Taize prayer, youth pilgrimages
  • Organize youth marathon
  • Arrange for youth participatory liturgical services.
  • Organize youth retreats.

4. Majority of the Catholic Youth of the Diocese get adequate Career Guidance.

  • Organize Career Guidance/Awareness Programme in the month of April/May every year at the Diocesan level.
  • Facilitate a help line centre for Career guidance/awareness in Yuvamithra, Diocesan Youth Office by the end of 2018.
  • Encourage and register at least 500 students of the Diocese to benefit from the Career Advancement Programme (CAP) online every year.

5. At least 30% of the unemployed Catholic youth in each parish is gainfully employed/self-employed.

  • Disseminate placement information regularly to all the youth through various means of communication like WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube and Yuvamithra News-letter.
  • Conduct sessions and seminars on employment opportunities for the youth and the youth animators every year in the month of July at the diocesan level.
  • Share information regarding employment opportunities for the youth in all the youth meetings at all levels every year.


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