July 17, 2022: Our Lady of Health Basilica, Harihar, Legion of Mary had a Decennial Celebration.

At 8 am Fr Franklin D'Souza, Diocese of Shimoga Spiritual Director for Legion of Mary celebrated the Holy Eucharist. He thanked God for the abundant blessings upon Legion of Mary of Harihar Basilica. In his homily he spoke on Hospitality, Generosity, Humility, Integrity and Nobilty. He connected it to the readings of the day. As the days Gospel invites us we have to choose better part like Mary.

He invited the faithful to be like Blessed Virgin Mary who accepted the Word of God and obeyed the Word of God with all humility and sincerity. She is the perfect witness for Hospitality, Generosity, Humility, Integrity and Nobilty. He invited Legion of Mary draw inspiration from her life and intercede for the world to experience healing, peace and joy.

After the Holy Eucharist at 11:30am a small celebration was held in the audio visual hall. Fr Franklin D'Souza, Rector and Parish Priest Fr Anthony Peter, Sr. Leema , Sr. Joseph Mary and Legion of Mary President Mrs. Luisa Masilamani were in the dais.

President Mrs. Luisa welcomed the dignitaries. This was followed by lightning of the lamp by the dignitaries. then presentation the report by Secretary Mrs. Paulina and accounts by Treasurer Mrs. Mary Susheela. Mrs. Mary Kavya was the Emcee of the program. In his message Fr Franklin D'Souza told that Legion of Mary was then Rector of the Shrine Fr Stany Dsouza's initiative. He formed it in August 2012. Ever since this movement has flourished in the Basilica with the support of the Parish Priests and dedicated legionaries. He also made known the role of Legion of Mary in the Parish and also in the Diocese.

In his message Fr Anthony Peter said that the commitment of Legionaries in the Parish is really Praise worthy. It's a great blessing to be at the service of the Church in the God gifted Minor Basilica. He congratulated the Legionaries and extended his full support in their service. He also presented gifts for the members.

Then Mary Kavya thanked every one. Fr Franklin D'Souza closed the celebration with a blessing prayer.