Report: Fr. Ronald Veigas

Shimoga, Dec 17 : The Joy of the Christmas is seen all-around. The entire nature seems to be preparing itself to join in this celebration of jubilation. The birthday of the Lord of the Universe is all reason for this jubilation. The entire Presbytorium of the diocese of Shimoga spent a day in recollection, prayer, confessions and finally celebrating the joy of the Christmas along with its sphere head, Shepard and the Leader The Bishop Most Rev. Dr Francis Serrao on 16th December 2019.

On the previous day all the priests of the diocese had gathered at ‘Chaithanya’, the diocesan Social Service Centre for the recollection guided by Rev. Fr. Lawrence D’Mello OCD. A special Concelebrated Holy Mass was offered with all the priests officiated by the diocesan bishop. This was followed by confessions in preparation for the Christmas.

And at the end the pinnacle of the celebration was Christmas get together at bishop’s house, Malligemane. The message of the Bishop to his priests was “Go and be bearers of Peace being Men of Good Will, becoming heralds of the Good news of the Lord”. Group games and activities entwined the hearts and souls of all participants. Christmas gifts were given to carry home the Joy and Peace of Christmas.