Talaguppa 26, 2019: A Holy Cross by the side of the BH Road at Talaguppa is planted way back by people unknown. The devotion of the Cross has been spread over the years by the travelers and the village people is a faith witness all those who believe. Every year large number of people of all faith gather around this Miraculous Cross in the month of September third Sunday and pay their homage and thank the Lord for the favours they receive. This year on 22nd of September the faithful of Talaguppa parish had organised the celebration of the Holy Cross and Holy Mass at the site of the Cross. Its observed that every year the crowed has been increasing. People from neighboring parishes as well as from far have been flocking around the Cross for the celebration. Most Rev. Fr. Felix Noronha, the Vicar General of the diocese celebrated the Holy Eucharist and Fr. Ronald Veigas the Dean of Vianny Deanery preached the sermon on the devotion of the Cross. Priests from the deanery were present. Fr. Anthony Nazareth the Parish Priest was the key person to organise this memorable prayerful event. There was a melodious choir which soaked the faithful into devotion.