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Welcome to the website of the Shimoga Diocese, India


Kristhostsava- the Celebration of the Person of Christ. This celebration is indeed a big landmark in the annals of the Church in Karnataka, for through this celebration we are called to re-tell the story of Jesus from our own life experience and to share this experience with others through our apostolates. This Karnataka Mission Congress is an opportunity for us to know how enthusiastic we are in sharing the good news of Christ with others, especially with those who are yet to know about Christ. Yes, it is our mission.

' Mission' means doing the work not just because it has to be done, but doing so "in the name of Jesus," at his invitation. Mission is about doing.

To speak of the mission of the Church is to be attentive to what the Holy Spirit of the Risen Christ might be calling us to be. We are called to be peacemakers, reconcilers, and the givers of gifts. It always means that we will be welcoming, loving and caring to each and everyone whom God places along our paths. It means being a community of faith with open hearts, open minds and open arms. It is about being the ones who reach across all the divisions in the human family.

Mission is about being. To be and to do mission as the People of God compels us to tell the good news that has transformed our own lives. We can be Christians and we can do Christian things, but being and doing alone are never enough. We must be tellers of good news! There is no one way to be a teller of the good news of Jesus. Some of us will do it on a one-to-one basis with friends, family and those whom we meet. Others will be teachers in our parishes and schools. Others will accept calls to holy orders/consecrated life and spend their vocations as public witnesses to the good news of Jesus -- preachers, we call them. Others will do it with music, others with art, others will write and compose poetry, psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Our Christ's experience cannot be contained in any one form of telling the good news, in any one way of communicating. As you will see, if we are going to be effective missionaries in the work of Christ, we must be tellers just as surely as we must embody and work the mission we have been given. I am confident the Holy Spirit will guide and inspire all of us in this great task!
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