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Commission for Youth
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9/2013 Hurry!!!! New ICYM DEXCO 2014 is up again
Ragigudda, Shimoga, December 15, 2013
Group: ICYM Date: 15-December-2013
Place: St. Anthony's Church, Ragigudda, Shimoga.
----------------------- ---------- ------- ---------------- ------- ------- ----------------------------------- ---------- -------------------------------
Name of the Programme: Leadership training program and election for new ICYM DEXCO
Participants:      Total: 51  
Hurry!!!! New ICYM DEXCO 2014 is up again
Leadership training program and election for new ICYM DEXCO was conducted on December 15, 2013 at St. Anthony's Church, Ragigudda. There were 51 participants from 10 parish units present for this training program and DEXCO election. The program was organized by Yuva Mitra the youth Commission of the diocese of Shimoga. In the inaugural talk Rev. Dr. Alwyn Serrao highlighted the need of the present society and the urgency of being sensitive to those needs. The chief guest Rev Fr. Paul D'Souza drew the attention of the participants calling them to be united to work for the betterment of one self and work selflessly for others. The Ragigudda Parish ICYM unit hosted the program and had worked meticulously to make this program a success. The program began at 10.30 am with registration and at 11.00 am Fr. Ronald Veigas took a session on Leadership Styles and Models of Leadership. This session was followed by a very informative talk by Mr. Vincent D'Mello a social activist in Shimoga. He briefed about the various government facilities available for minorities. After the launch the process for the election was started which was shouldered by Rev. Dr. Alwyn Serrao.
The newly elected office bearers of 2014 DEXCO are as follows:
President: Alwyn Francis – Ragigudda
Vice-President – Supriya M – Bhadravati Paper Town
Secretary – Amar Deneil - Bhadravati Old Town
Joint secretary- Lilly J Fernandes- Jog Falls
Treasurer- Deepak Fernandes – Shikaripura
Spokes Person – Novel Raj - Bhadravati Paper Town
Reporter – Sweatha Margaret Lobo – Chitradurga
Sports Secretary – Loyd Fernandes – Thitrhahalli
Rev. Fr. Felix J Noronha celebrated the Holy Eucharist for the participants and during the Mass the newly elected DEXCO members took oath in the presence of diocesan ICYM general body.
DEXCO members 2014
DEXCO members 2014
DEXCO members 2014
DEXCO members 2014
DEXCO members 2014
DEXCO members 2014

DEXCO members 2014

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8/2013 Review of Life Training Session, Thirthahalli
THIRTHAHALL, June 09, 2013
Group: YCS Date: 09-June-2013
Place: Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Thirthahalli
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Name of the Programme: Review of Life Training Session
Participants:  Boys: 28 Girls: 24 Total: 52  
Inputs and learning of the training:
There was a “Review of Life Training Session” for the YCS unit at Thirthahalli. The topics dealt were: 1) Group Dynamics 2) History of YCS/YSM Movement 3) YCS Methodology (See – Act - Judge – Evaluate) 4) Formation of Cells 5) Nature of YCS/YSM Movement.
There are 6 Cells formed at Thirthahalli enrolled and registered as members of the movement paying their registration fee. The members resolved to have Cell meeting every week and Unit meeting once a month. Hence 52 members officially become members of YCS/YSM International Family.  
The programme was meticulously arranged by the unit in charge Sr.Supriya UFS supported by Fr. Gilbert Lobo Local Director of Thithahalli Unit.
Resource Persons:
Fr. Ronald Veigas, DYD Jovita D’Souza (M’lore)NEXCO, Rosalia Cardoza (Udupi) NEXCO  
Review of Life Training Session Review of Life Training Session
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7/2013 Formation Session and XVI National Council
SHILLONG, May 18-28, 2013
Group: YCS Date: 18-28, May-2013
Place: Shillong, Meghalaya
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Name of the Programme: Formation Session and XVI National Council
Participants:  Boys: 1+1 Girls: 1 Total: 3  
Inputs and learning of the training:
The National Council, the highest body of YCS/YSM, India which meets once in three years met at Bethel, Shillong, Meghalaya from 19 to 28 May, 2013. To review its activities and amend its constitution. The Office for YCS/YSM India under the able guidance of National Chaplain Rev. Fr. Charles Menezes at Mailapur, Madras had started its process around one and half years ago and it got its culmination in the National Council held at Shillong hosted by the North Eastern Region headed by Fr. Fr. Marcus Lacra the RYD and Sr. Agnes Sanihe, the regional Coordinator.
Out of 12 regions where there is active presence of YCS/YSM movement 11 regions had participated in the entire process and there were 143 participants or delegates. Basically YCS/YSM is an International student Movement. The Council met with the theme: Student’s Education in Modern Era. There were a lot of deliberation based on three principle themes for study viz 1) Interculurality 2) Religious Pluralism and 3) Universal Culture of Love and Life. There were 11 student delegates and 4 diocesan directors and 1 regional director represented Karnataka. Kudos to all the delegates. Shimoga is proud to represent with 2 delegates along with its director at this August Council.  
Resource Persons:
The NEXCO Team  
Formation Session and XVI National Council Formation Session and XVI National Council
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6/2013 YCS Village Exposure Programme, Sorab
SORAB, April 17-20, 2013
Group: YCS Date:

17-20, April-2013

Place: Sorab
----------------------- ---------- ------- ---------------- ------- ------- ----------------------------------- ---------- --------------------
Name of the Programme: Village Exposure Programme
Participants:  Boys:38 Girls: 20 Total: 58  
Inputs and learning of the training:
A Village Exposure Progamme was organized by the diocese of Shimoga for the YCS students at Karehonda village Sorab. There were totally 58 students participated in this event and benefited from this programme.
Various resource persons dealt different student related issues on the basis of See-Judge –Act principle. Topics such as Media and students, Panchayatraj, Students and their civil rights, Positive relationships were thought provoking and informative. Students were given ample opportunities to have manual labour and learn from the village folk and village life style. Fr. Ronald D’Cunha the parish Priest of Sorab had meticulously organized this program and all the students were very appreciative of this progamme.      
Resource Persons:
Fr. Ronald Veigas DYD, Fr. Clarence Dias, Mr. Norbert Misqit, Mr. Monthu Lopez, Sr. Nympha A.C. Mr. Naveen Kumar.
Village Exposure Programme Village Exposure Programme
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5/2013: Night Vigil (Aaho Ratri)- 2013
SHIMOGA, Sharavathinagar March 23, 2013
Group: ICYM-DEXCO & Sharavathinagar Date: 23- Mar-2013
Place: Infant Jesus Church, Sharavathinagar, Shimoga
----------------------- ---------- ------- ---------------- ------- ------- ----------------------------------- ---------- --------------------
Name of the Training: Orientation and Training
Participants:  Boys: 61 Girls: 37 Total: 98  
Inputs and learning of the training:

The Diocesan Youth Commission Yuvamitra, the ICYM - DEXCO of Shimoga in collaboration with local ICYM/YCS units of Infant Jesus Church Sharavathinagar had organized a night vigil namely “Aaho Ratri” prayer service at Sharavathinagar on 23-Mar-2013. The prayer service began with Taize Prayer service at 9.30 pm and during the prayer service the Sacrament of Confession was made available to all participants. The prayer service was concluded with a procession of the Taize Cross around the Church.

This was followed by a vivid and live way of the Cross in which various youth teams acted out the journey of the way of the Cross prayerfully. Continuing the prayer service an adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was conducted which was followed by Holy Eucharist. The entire Prayer Service got over at 5.00 am with proposal of the vote of thanks by the Director Rev. Fr. Ronald Veigas. There were around 350 participants from the neighboring parishes along with 98 youth from various parishes of the diocese. 
Resource Persons: Rev. Fr. Ronald Veigas and Fr. Dr. Alwyn Serrao. Fr. Jacob M.J, Fr. Clarence Dias, Fr. Dr. Roshan Pinto, Fr. Mark D’Silva Fr. Devadath Kamath S.J and Sr. Nympha D’Souza A.C. 
Youth11 Youth10
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4/2013: Orientation and Training Thirthahalli
THIRTHAHALLI March 17, 2013
Group: ICYM   Place: Thirthahalli Date: 17- Mar-2013
Name of the Training: Orientation and Training
Participants:  Boys: 08 Girls: 13 Total: 21
Inputs and learning of the training:

On 17th Mar, 2013 Yuvamitra, the ICYM of Shimoga diocese had organized a day’s orientation programme for the youth of Thirthahalli Parish. The half a day session was commenced with a prayer song and then they were initiated into action songs. The DYD of Shimoga Fr. Ronald Veigas conducted session with a power point presentation on the topic “Who Am I and what do I gain from ICYM”. They were also initiated to draw up a yearly plan for parish unit with an input session prioritizing one-self, our-self and others.  The youth were briefed up regarding the various activities the Yuva Mitra, the youth commission has under taken to empower the youth in the diocese of Shimoga. There were 21 participants who benefited from this session. The local unit president Jeevan Fernandes and Vice-president Ranita Martis had taken keen interest in organizing this programme.  

Resource Persons: Rev Fr. Ronald Veigas and Ms Anusha
Youth6 Youth7
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3/2013 : Orientation and Training, Sharvathi Nagar
Group: ICYM-DEXCO   Place: Sharavathi Date: 10- Mar-2013
Name of the Training: Orientation and Training
Participants:  Boys: 14 Girls: 13 Total: 27
Inputs and learning of the training:

On 10th Mar, 2013 Yuvamitra, the ICYM- DEXCO of Shimoga diocese had met at sharavathinagar to plan for the night vigil namely “Aaho Ratri” prayer service scheduled to be on 23-Mar-2013. The Diocesan Executive Committee along with members of local units viz Sharavathinagar, Ragigudda and Cathedral parishes have intently disused about the impending prorgamme and shared various responsibilities. The DYD of Shimoga Fr. Ronald Veigas and DYLA Sr. Nympha D’Souza helped the youth to plan out for the programme meticulously. There were 27 youth and YCS members who were involved in this whole planning process. The diocesan president Mr. Yesudas thanked all the participants 

Resource Persons:Rev. Fr. Ronald Veigas and Sr. Nympha D’Souza A.C
Youth6 Youth7
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Youth Rally at Hiriyur of Holy Family Deanery
HIRIYUR February 24, 2013

Celebrating the year of faith the Holy Family deanery organized a youth rally on 24th February, 2013 at Hiriyur parish. The resource persons Rev. Fr. Selva Raj M.S.F.S and Rev. Fr. Richard of Montfort Fathers, from Mysore conducted various activities like Interactive Sessions on Faith, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with sacrament of Confessions and Youth Mass.

Youth Ofiice Bearers The diocesan director Fr. Ronald Veigas took the sessions on You Cat and “Porta Fidei” (The Door of Faith) then there was a work-shop on Self- Image and Self-Esteem. There were altogether 38 participants from Challakere, Chitradurga and Hiriyur parishes benefited from this programme.
Rev. Fr. J.B Castelino the deanery director of Holy Family and Sr. Felcy D’Souza UFS the deanery Lady Animator for youth had meticulously organized this programme.

Diveena Judith Martis

(Joint Secretary)

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November 2012: ICYM Orientation programme at Hiriyur
HIRIYUR, November 18, 2012

On 18th, Nov 2012 an orientation programme was organized for the ICYM members of Hiriyur parish. There were 27 youth participated in this event, benefited from this programme. On Friday 16th, Nov 2012

Youth Ofiice Bearers

the youth of this parish celebrated Deepavali feast in a unique way. The Altar was illuminated with Diyas (Lamps) and charismatic prayer and adoration was conducted by the youth. The parishners too participated in this unique prayer service.



Fr. Ronald Veigas

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November 2012:Formation of YCS/YSM at Assumption High school and Assumption Church, Hiriyur
HIRIYUR, November 17, 2012:

HIRIYUR, November 17, 2012 On 16 & 17, Nov 2012 two consequent days the students of Assumption school and Assumption Church at Hiriyur were initiated in to YSM and YCS through a orientation and training programme.

Youth Ofiice Bearers There were around 350 students who attended a orientation programme on 16, Nov 2012 from which 47 students opted to be YSM members and they were trained to conduct Cell Meetings. The correspondent Rev . Fr. J.B Castelino and The Head Mistress Rev. Sr. Regi were present at this orientation and training programme. On 17, Nov 2012 The YCS unit of the Assumption Church, Hiriyur had a orientation programme in which they were guided to be active cell members.
The animators Mr. Sajon Mon and Mrs. Mary Siji were present at this training programme.

(YCS/YSM Hiriyur)

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November 2012: Orientation Programme at Cathedral Church, Shimoga
SHIMOGA, Sacrede Heart Cathedral, November 11, 2012:

On 11th November, 2012 Yuvamitra, the ICYM of Shimoga organized a day’s orientation programme for the youth of Shimoga Cathedral Parish. The Assistant Parish priest Rev. Fr.  Alvine Stanislaus in his keynote address said it’s always a joy to see the youth come together.

Youth Ofiice Bearers He called upon the youth of his parish to be united and be vibrant. The DYD of Shimoga Fr. Ronald Veigas conducted session with a power point presentation on the topic “Who Am I and what do I gain from ICYM”. There were 17 participants who benefited from this session. 


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November 2012: The Election of the DEXCO SHIMOGA 2012-2013
SHIMOGA November 3 & 4, 2012:

On 3rd and 4th of November 2012 a training programme for the office bearers of various parish units was held at “CHAITANYA - S.M.S.S.S” at Shimoga.  There were 59 youth from 16 parishes attended this training programme. The programme was inaugurated with a meaningful inaugral ceremony.                

Rev. Fr. Veeresh V Moras delivered the key note adddress.

Youth Ofiice Bearers The Diocesen Director Rev Fr. Ronald Veigas and Rev Fr. Alwyn Serrao, Rev Fr. Mark D’silva, Mr. William D’souza were the resourse persons. The various topics dealt in this leadership training programme were 1) “Know your I.C.Y.M 2) The problems of the present youth and remedies 3) The I.C.Y.M and its rules and regulations 4) The Year of Faith in the Universal Church and the jubilee year of the Diocese of Shimoga.
The sessions were conducted with PowerPoint presentations, group discussions and lectures. The motivatonal programmes enthused the young preparing them for the election of the Diocesen Executive Committee (DEXCO).
The new office bearers for 2012-13 are as follows:
Director                                : Rev. Fr. Ronald Veigas
Lady animator                      : Sr. Nympha D’souza A.C
President                             : Mr. Yesudas - Newtown Bhadravathi
Vice-President                    : Miss Monica - Harihara
Secretary                             : Mr. Alwin Francis - Ragigudda
Joint secretary                   : Miss. Diveena Judith Martis - Sharavathi Nagar
Treasurer                            : Mr. Santosh Old town - Bhadravathi
Spokes person                   : Miss. Vanditha - Old town Bhadravathi
Regional Representatives  : 1. Mr. Roshan Tauro – Shimoga Cathedral
                                                  2. Miss. Anusha - Ragigudda
The orientation and training programme was concluded with Holy Eucharist in which the newly elected office bearers took oath and committed themselves for the service of Yuvamithra, I.C.Y.M of Shimoga Diocese. Sr. Nympha D’souza A.C. D.Y.L.A thanked all the resourse persons and participants. Rev. Fr. Ronald Veigas congradulated the newly elected office bearers and wished them all the best.

Diveena Judith Martis

(Joint Secretary)

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Youth make up an exceptional potential and pose a great challenge. The Second Vatican Council has described youth as "the hope of the Church" (GE 2). In fact, young people are and ought to be encouraged to be active on behalf of the Church as "leading characters in evangelisation and participants in the renewal of society" (CL 46). The Church has to remind the young of their responsibility for the future of society and the Church. It offers them the truth of the Gospel as a joyful and liberating mystery to be known, lived and shared, with conviction and courage. "The Church has a vital role in providing all-round formation for the young, by seeking to lead them in the way of true discipleship and developing in them the human qualities that mission requires" (EA 47).


Enlightened, Empowered and dedicated rural and urban catholic youth for a better world.

Organizing and enabling/empowering the youth that they are imbued with a spirit of missionary zeal and become promoters of Gospel values.


Empowered youth with quality and committed leadership activiely prticipaticing in social movements and responding to the present day spiritual and social needs of the society.




Rev. Fr. Roanal Veigas

Address : Infant Jesus Church
  Shimoga - 577 201
Tel. : 08182 - 258444
E-mail : ronaldkorody@yahoo.com







  Youth are the agents and co-workers in the Church's mission, in her various apostolic works of love and service. "Their freshness and enthusiasm, their spirit of solidarity and hope can make them peacemakers in a divided world" (EA 47). The sensitivity of young people profoundly affects their perceiving of the values of justice, non-violence and peace. Their hearts are disposed to fellowship, friendship and solidarity. They are greatly moved by causes that relate to the quality of life and the conservation of nature. But they are "troubled by anxiety, deceptions, anguishes and fears of the world as well as by the temptations that come with their state" (CL 46).
  The Church must rekindle the very special love displayed by Christ towards the young. "The Church has so much to talk about with the youth, and the youth have so much to share with the Church" (CL 46). This mutual, cordial, clear and courageous dialogue will provide a favourable setting and will be a source of richness and youthfulness for the Church and civil society. The Church looks on the youth with confidence and with love.

Commission Action Plan

  • 1. Formation of I.C.Y.M./Y.C.S. units in every parish and Y.S.M. unit in every high school and college for boys and girls between the ages of thirteen and seventeen (for Y.C.S./ Y.S.M.) and eighteen and twenty eight (for I.C.Y.M.) is the aim of the Diocesan Youth Commission.
    2. The parish should provide greater opportunity for fellowship and communion by means of organised youth apostolate and youth groups and associations. Every organised parish youth apostolate/ association should have guidelines in line with those established by the Diocesan Youth Commission and in keeping with the national I.C.Y.M. directives.
    3. The Diocesan Youth Commission should promote youth ministry at the parish level by means of youth animation programmes and ongoing training opportunities to enable the youth to face life issues. Promotion of leadership and personality skills for fitting into challenging roles of society can be organised for effective utilisation of youth resource of the community.


    Every parish must organise National Youth Day (January 12), International Youth Day (August 13) and World Youth Day (Palm Sunday) and get the youth together.
    5. Mature and serious minded youth are to be involved in catechism of children and Small Christian Communities as animators. Adequate representation of youth should be ensured in all consultative structures at the parish, deanery and the diocesan level.
    6. Conscientising the youth towards empowering the weaker sections of society through seminars, programmes and workshops is the responsibility of the Diocesan Youth Commission. Diocesan level youth convention is to be organised to inspire the youth and to instil in them gospel values, the need to think and act beyond their inner ghetto mentality with particular stress on family involvement. Sex education/ training programme should be introduced so that youth themselves can counsel other youth.
    7. Good educational and recreational programmes could be provided to the youth to counteract the evil effects of hedonism and materialism. Programmes and camps are to be designed to give the youth a well-grounded faith formation especially through Scripture classes/ Bible lessons etc., on a regular basis.
    8. Awareness programmes are to be organised for the unemployed youth to become aware of employment opportunities and self-employment. Special programmes like short-term job oriented courses, career counselling, self-employment schemes can be initiated with the help of Shimoga Multipurpose Social Service Society.
    8. The Diocesan Commission for Youth has to collaborate with the Shimoga Multipurpose Social Service Society to identify the talented youth and assist them financially by establishing a scholarship to encourage them. The Catholic youth should be trained at getting into the professional and technical courses of higher learning and the administrative services such as K.A.S., I.A.S., I.P.S., I.F.S., etc.
    10.. The Diocesan Commission for Youth has to identify talented, qualified and serious youth and train them to be resource persons by forming a resource team at the diocesan level.
    11. A Cup programme is to be launched at the diocesan level to encourage youth activities in the Diocese and at the parish level.
    12. A Youth Counselling Centre is to be established by the Diocesan Youth Commission to address the emotional and developmental problems of the youth. This Centre must collaborate with the counselling Centre for women and family.
    13. The Diocesan Youth Commission must set up an Employment Bureau for the youth. A Career Guidance Cell could be established with the help of professional counsellors and other trained personnel.
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