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Welcome to the website of the Shimoga Diocese, India
Commission for Vocation


The vocation to priestly life should come from the local Church, from the parish and specially from Christian families. "There exists an urgent necessity for assistance in the work of awakening vocations" (PDV 35). Today many Dioceses have responded with varying types of programmes aimed at helping an individual begin the process of making an informed decision about the vocation to priesthood.


The Christian communities must reach out to boys, young people, and men of "more advanced age" to discern their vocation. "Under the leadership of the diocesan Bishop, who has the ultimate responsibility for fostering vocations and with the active cooperation of the diocesan community, responsible and well-planned efforts must be undertaken to promote vocations to the priesthood" (OT 2). The powerful technological tools of modern communication ought to be utilized in order to awaken all Christians to the need for sacred ministers in the Church throughout the world (PDV 41).


As per the mind of Christ and of the Church, to form men women, Spirit-filled and Spirit-led as integrated and committed persons for the spread of the Kingdom of God in the Diocese of Shimoga.

In order to continue the evangelizing missin of the Church, entrusted to it by Christ, to strive towards a holistic formation, to be witnesses to the Risen Lord so as bring Christ to the world by responding to the signs of time.


To have authentic priests and religious who are deeply rooted in the Word of God in the Indian context, and in the cultural and traditional realities of Karanataka.




Rev. Fr. Roanld D'Cunha

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  Shimoga District
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The object of formation in a Minor Seminary must be to make young people who have the vocation to be primarily men of God. Hence all the elements of their training - spiritual, intellectual, pastoral and human areas should be coordinated in a balanced manner. Seminary formation should lead those seeking priesthood to a life of perfection in following Christ radically and dedicate themselves to the building up of the Church in the service of the kingdom of God (PDV 63). It should lead to a deeper relationship with the person of Christ through a process of human maturity and inner transformation which leads the candidate to make a wholehearted commitment to God.

  "The formation imparted is to grow in intimacy with God and to integrate intellectual, emotional, moral, social and other aspects of life leading the candidate towards an interior freedom and personal responsibility to live one's commitment" (PDV 43). Fostering fidelity to the Word of God, commitment to a life of personal prayer, abiding love for the sacramental life of the Church, and acceptance of a lifelong commitment to celibacy should be the main focus of formation in the Minor Seminary. Possession of such qualities, together with manifestation of an apostolic heart, zeal for service, self awareness and sound personal identity may provide evidence that a candidate has a sense of ministerial priesthood, that is, a vocation in the Church.

Commission Action Plan

  • 1. Christian families, which are the nurseries of vocation, need to be encouraged to have constant prayer and positive attitude towards priesthood and religious life. They should be taught not to pass derogatory remarks on priests and clergy in front of their children at home.
    2. The altar boys should be encouraged by the pastor to come regularly for meetings and altar service so as to awaken in them vocation to the priesthood. Parish priests and religious are to be sensitive to discern seeds of vocation in the altar servers, catechism children and the youth. Visit to the families by parish clergy and the religious is a great boosting factor to promote vocations and to find out the probable candidates to priesthood and consecrated life.
    3. Prayers for vocations should be constantly conducted in the families, Small Christian Communities and parishes. More and more vocation camps are to be held at the parish, deanery and diocesan level for the high school and college going students to nurture local vocations.


    Vocation Sunday is to be celebrated in every parish once a year to promote vocations.
    5. Means of social communication like audio visuals, skits, dramas and musical programmes are to be utilised both at the parish and deanery level to promote vocations.
    6. A well-trained priest must be appointed as the Director for Small Christian Community at the diocesan level.
    7. A Diocesan Vocation Service Centre with a qualified priest as its Director is to be set up so that a coordinated effort is made for the promotion of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Parish Priests should identify probable candidates to the priesthood and intimate the same to the Diocesan Vocation Service Centre.
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    Formation of Seminarians
    1. There is the need for the proper preparation of the seminarian during his formation stage to cooperate with his special gift of God which must address human, Christian, and priestly maturity, all of which must build on emotional and sexual maturity.
    2. Seminarians should be initiated into the diocesan pastoral programmes and various ministries during the course of their formation. They should be provided with pastoral skills and outreach programmes to enable them to evolve strategies in all fields of pastoral activities.
    3. Part of the vacations of seminarians should be utilised for their overall formation through special courses, exposures, mission experiences and study tours.
    4. Seminarians are to be provided with the service of a qualified and well-trained Counsellor and a Spiritual Director.
    5. Establishment of a Minor Seminary is a felt need in this Diocese.
    6. The Diocese is to have a Seminarians' Fund which could be built up through contribution from the parishes and Catholic institutions.
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