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Welcome to the website of the Shimoga Diocese, India
Commission for Small Christian Communities
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Activities of Diocesan Commission for Small Christian Communities
A day’s SCC input session was conducted for the sisters of the Diocese on Jan. 27, 2013
SCC input Session SCC input Session SCC input Session
  1. Shimoga, January 27, 2013: A day’s input session was conducted for the sisters of the Diocese by Sahodaya, the Commission for SCC on 27th Jan 2013 at Chaitanya, SMSSS, Shimoga. 27 sisters actively participated in the training progrmme. Rev. Harry Pareira, Rev . Duming Dias and Sr. Emelia were the resource persons.
SCC Training for the Trainers on Jan. 26, 2013
SCC Carmel Deanery SCC Carmel Deanery SCC Carmel Deanery
  1. Shimoga, January 26, 2013:Sahodaya, the Diocesan Commission for Small Christian Communities, organized a day’s Training for the Trainers [TOT] on 26th Jan 2013 at Chaitanya, SMSSS , Shimoga. Altogether there were 12 participants who were given input session and trained to be resource persons Rev . Harry Pereira the Regional Secretary for SCC, Sr. Emelia, the Regional Joint Secretary and Rev.Duming Dias, the Diocesan Secretary, animated the training programs
Seminar for SCC Animators of Carmel Deanery
SCC Carmel Deanery SCC Carmel Deanery SCC Carmel Deanery
  1. Shimoga, December 12, 2012: The parishes of Sharavathinagar, Gopala, Shikaripura, Malur and Thandagunda had SCC training for SCC core committee members on 2nd Dec, 2012 at Chaitanya, SMSSS, Shimoga. The chief resource persons were Rev.Harry Pereira, Rev.Duming Dias, Sr.Dorothy and Mrs. Leena D’mello. Nearly 37 participated in the seminar.
Seminar for SCC Animators of Carmel Deanery
SCC Carmel Deanery SCC Carmel Deanery SCC Carmel Deanery
  1. Shimoga, November 25, 2012: The Parishes of Chathedral, Ragigudda and Hosudi of Carmel Deanery had a day’s training programme for SCC core committee members on 25th Nov, 2012 at Chaitanya, SMSSS, Shimoga. Rev.Harry Pereira, Rev.Duming Dias, Miss Anitha were resource persons. There were 25 participants
Commission Activities
The Parish Church supersedes the Christian home called the "domestic Church" more especially in the context of faith formation. More than the socio-economic uplift of the members, the parish Church has the responsibility to make each member personally grow in faith to his full stature, so that they in turn give it to the other less fortunate members of the Church. Each member should be guided to share his possessions with the neighbour not forgetting the important duty of helping the Churches. "The laity ought to cooperate in all the apostolic and missionary enterprises of their ecclesial family according to their abilities" (AA 10). All these basic principles could be realised in Small Christian Communities.
A communion of Communities where neighbour live life in fullness centered on the Word of God and the Eucharist.
Establish, empower and sustain SCCs in every neighborhood by
  * Encouraging living the Word of God and Eucharist.
  * Promoting relatedness leading to a community that is sharing and caring.
  * Building shared, non dominaeering leadership at all levels.
All the parishes of the diocese have at least two SCCs which are regularly functioning.




Rev. Fr. Duming Dias

Address : Lourdes Boy's High School
  St. Thomas Church
  P. B. No. 211, P. J. Extension
  Davanagere - 577 002
Tel. : 08192 - 256562
E-mail : frdumingdias@ymail.com








The exemplary life of early Christians is the basis for the Small Christian Communities. It is there that the faith flowers and yields the harvest of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Small Christian Communities are marked by charitable deeds, common endeavours renewing the surroundings, setting an example of prayer and reflecting the Word of God with the shared prayers accompanied by resolutions for better. The active involvement of all the members in each of the activities makes the Small Christian Community an exemplary witnessing Church for Christ.

  The Small Christian Communities are "an effective way of promoting communion"(RM 51) and participation in parishes and Dioceses and a genuine orce of evangelisation. These small groups help the faithful to live as believing, praying and loving communities like the early Christians (Acts 2: 44-47). "They aim to help their members to live the Gospel in a spirit of fraternal love and service, and are therefore a solid starting point for building a new society, the expression of a civilisation of love" (EA 25). They will be truly effective if they live in union with the Diocese and the Universal Church, in heartfelt communion with the Church's pastors and the Magisterium, with a commitment to missionary outreach and without yielding to isolationism or ideological exploitation (EN 58; RM 51). "The presence of these Small Christian Communities does not do away with the established institutions and structures, which remain necessary for the Church to fulfil her mission" (EA 25).

Commission Action Plan

  • 1. Awareness programmes must be organised to make parish priests, religious and lay people aware of the nature and function of the Small Christian Communities through proper catechesis and ongoing formation at the parish, deanery and diocesan level.
    2. Small Christian Communities are to be formed in every ward of the parish. Every member of the family without any discrimination like the young and old, male and female is to be exhorted to participate in the Small Christian Community meetings. Small Christian Community meetings should be the place for proper adult and family faith formation.
    3. Resources available with the Small Christian Communities should be utilised by all for programmes at the parish level. The animators of Small Christian Communities should exercise their lay leadership through regular visits to all families in their respective wards under the guidance of the parish priests.



    Ward wise anniversary celebrations of the Small Christian Communities would help bring the parishioners together in communion.
    5. Organisation of regular orientation for the forming of Small Christian Communities and training in celebration of the Word of God are to be encouraged at the parish level. Deanery level animators' rally is to be organised to form them and strengthen them. Training and formation for parish level animators and deanery and diocesan level core groups of Small Christian Communities are to be a regular feature at the diocesan level.
    6. A well-trained priest must be appointed as the Director for Small Christian Community at the diocesan level.
    7. Inter-diocesan exposure programmes are to be organised for priests/ animators to enhance deeper collaboration and mutual support.
    8. While being faithful to their own proper identity the Small Christian communities will lead to Basic Human Communities embracing our brothers and sisters of all faiths which aims towards harmony and peace and be one with them in times of illness, bereavement and joy.
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